Why CSR?

Complete Security Recruitment

Firstly, it’s the team that makes CSR difference!! The main thing is because we care about out clients and candidates and put their goals and aspirations ahead of profit.

Secondly, we work differently to most other agencies!! How do we do this?

Well back in 2008 and 2009 when the recession really started to bite the directors came to a stark realisation. They found that they were investing more and more money (in excess of £100k per annum) in advertising on job boards etc and it was turning into a race with other agencies that were doing the same, to see who could get the candidates registered first and then put into the market. Furthermore, after analysing more data the directors realised across all the fall outs (candidates that didn’t make it through probation) since the business had started over 97% of the unsuccessful candidates had come from the job board market, where as candidates that had come recommended to us proved to be much more productive placements for clients and candidates. Also the directors noticed our success rate of placing recommendations (1 in 2 were placed) was much higher than placing job board candidates (1 in 6 were placed). This was down to two things 1) the candidates on the job boards are usually on there because they have already or are about to be pushed from their current employer which represents the bottom 20% of the market (although you do still get the occasional golden nugget). 2) The top 20% of talent in most markets aren’t actively looking for a new role so aren’t registered with multiple agencies etc. CSR’s challenge was to engage with more and more of the top 20% talent in the market. The question was how?


At this point the directors made the bold and drastic move of reducing their advertising spend significantly and investing that money into a team that were to be solely focused on networking, identifying and building relationships with the strongest and most talented individuals in the market place (the top 20%), whether they are actively looking or are more passive. It is the CRM’s team to understand their needs, aspirations, both short and long term to ensure that if an opportunity comes up that can help them towards achieving their goals then they will hear about the opportunity and they are not bothered every 5 minutes with irrelevant roles. Just like the Business Development team the CRM team is split into geographical areas to give each team member a clear focus and also allows us to tighter controls of candidate flow which allows to make sure our clients hear about the best talent the market has to offer before our competition are even awake in the morning.


As mentioned previously the BDM team are split into geographical areas which give each team member the ability to be clearly focused on identifying and building relationships with every company in their region. It is the BD teams job to really get under the skin of not only understanding what the businesses challenges and needs are right now but also what is the longer-term goals for the business. By doing this CSR are able to be proactive in developing recruitment plans and talent pipelines etc to identify the markets most talented individuals that will help the business achieve its targets.


At CSR we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to recruitment and tailor our service to meet your specific requirements. Some of the services (but not restricted to) we offer are as follows:

– Contingency (traditional search & selection)
– Retained/Head Hunting
– Managed Service Provider
– Onsite recruitment
– Temporary/Contract Labour

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you then please call us on 01708 737 744.

Companies We've Helped

Some of the companies we've helped recruit excellent applicants over the years.