Tim Pickles

“From using both sides of Brady’s service, as a client and as a candidate, it’s been refreshing that recruitment doesn’t have to be just trawling LinkedIn pages like most other agencies do, with staff who haven’t the first idea of the security sector. Brady has an incisive knowledge of the industry, its trends and most importantly, the intuition in being able to place candidates in perfect roles. Other agencies come and go, but having worked with Brady for nearly 15 years, it’s great to have someone you can really trust and rely on when it’s really needed. Without exception, vacancies that were available were first brought to my attention by Brady and his team, who were then all over it to book interviews and close down the process to a successful conclusion. Every call to the office is met with a friendly response from staff who actually seem to know you – compare that with the mainstream where a candidate is just a candidate number. Quality will always prevail and without doubt, CSR are a quality act at the top of their game.”

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